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Javelin JVN-10A
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General data
Stock RoleLight Fire Support & Scout
Tonnage30 t (19 t base)
Cost? C
Template:Hardpoints Javelin JVN-10A
Melee40 (+30 instability)
Death from Above80 (+30 instability)
40 damage to self
Template:Armor Javelin JVN-10A
Mobility and detection
Speed97.2 km/h (max 6 Jump Jets)
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -50%
SensorsSpotting distance: +25%
Sensor range: +40%

The Javelin JVN-10A is a Light-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

The JVN-10A has strong jumping capabilities and can pump out considerable damage with its LRMs. Taken together, this qualities make the 10A a superb harasser and fire support unit, though it is prone to running out of ammo.

This is the only Javelin chassis to carry both energy and missile hardpoints, although its limited free space means that carrying both powerful weapons and good armor isn't possible.

Loadouts[ | ]

The Javelin 10A's stock loadout has a single LRM15 and only one paltry ton of ammunition, and no backup weapons whatsoever.

  • For a dedicated fire-support mech, you will need two tons to fire your LRM15 for as long as the battle lasts. Losing a pair of jump jets to do so is a sensible if you want to use this machine in its intended role.
  • One ton of ammo is enough to feed two LRM5s, which frees up three tons of space for additional defenses. With two medium lasers, one more ton of armor and the agility provided by the jump jets it can act as a makeshift skirmisher, strong enough to engage other light mechs and survive the experience. This is not a highly damaging loadout, but then again, this mech is no fire javelin.

Strategy[ | ]

The Javelin's speed allows it to kite heavier mechs with ease, although if it's sensor locked the 10A doesn't have enough armor to stand up to counter-battery fire.