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Ice Trey
Shinsei Ohbayashi
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Shinsei "IceTrey" Ohbayashi is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

Bio[ | ]

Shinsei Ohbayashi was born to a middle-class family in the Federated Suns, under the name Michael Woods. He grew up loyal to House Davion, as every child did. He even attended the Robinson Battle Academy, where his loyalty to House Davion was complemented by indoctrination with the hatred for the Draconis Combine so common in Robinson graduates.

But Michael Woods never graduated from Robinson Battle Academy. During a live fire exercise one bleak night, something unspeakable happened. He was cut off, abandoned, and 'Michael Woods' never emerged from those dark woods. Shinsei Ohbayashi did instead. In one bloody instant, everything he'd been taught his entire life inverted. It was the Draconis Combine that understood the right way of living, the correct approach to battle. The evil of the Federated Suns could not be overstated.

At first, he made an effort to rescue his loved ones from the same blindness he'd been victim of. But after they rejected him rather than listen, he left the Federated Suns, fleeing before they could hunt him down. Now, he considers himself a loyal servant of House Kurita, and hopes via service to the Draconis Combine to become worthy of a place in their ranks. Meanwhile, he keeps his skills -and his hatred-sharp by working as a mercenary out in the Periphery, for whoever will hire him.

Strategy[ | ]

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