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(you may unlock this mission after completing of unknown origin)

Location: Independence

Difficulty: 2.5 skulls

Faction: Darius

OpFor: Baumann Group

Engagement Length: short (descripted as long)

Consecutive Deployments: No

Tonnage requirements: No restrictions

Introduction[ | ]

The company prepares to hit the Baumann Group's distribution center, hoping to both track down what happened to the Dobrev and capture as much rare mech salvage as possible.

Mission[ | ]

Like I said, the Baumann Group's distribution center is heavily defended, so we're gonna approach this as a two-stage operation. For this first stage, you're going to descend at the outermost edge of the OpFor's territory and engage their patrolling cavalry. Take out as many vehicles and 'Mechs as you can to clear the way for an assault on the distribution center.

Battle - Lowland biome - 2.5 skulls - No tonnage restrictions

Objectives[ | ]

  • Destroy Baumann Group Calvary Units
  • Destroy Hostile Bounty Hunters

As the mission starts, you'll receive notification that the distribution center is actually coming under attack by someone else. It turns out that "The Bounty Hunter," the legendary MechWarrior, is raiding the Baumann Group's distribution center. However it's too late to redeploy and the player must deal with the cavalry units as previously planned.

If the 50,000 C-Bill bribe was paid in the previous flashpoint, the Baumann Group enemies in this mission tend to be very easy to beat. They will typically only field three vehicles backed up by a single heavy mech. However, "The Bounty Hunter" will send over a trio of medium and heavy mechs in hopes of delaying the player's company from getting through to the distribution center. Hanging back to let the hunter and Baumann group soften up each other is an option if needed.

Aftermath[ | ]

The Bounty Hunter claims to have already retrieved a hold full of valuable salvage, but does admit that he underestimated the player and their company. He sends a peace offering of sorts in the form of some extra salvage from the distribution center, which several of the company's officers hope will contain clues leading to the Dobrev. No C-Bills are acquired, but the player is rewarded in salvage from both the preceding battle and the Hunter's offering.