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Hunchback HBK-4G
ChrPrfMech hunchbackBase-001 portrait.png
General data
Stock RoleJuggernaut & Close Assault
Tonnage50 t (18.5 t base)
Cost3,800,000 C
  • 1 x Support Weapon
UixTxrIcon hunchback.png
R. Torso
  • 3 x Ballistic
L. Arm
  • 1 x Energy
R. Arm
  • 1 x Energy
Melee80 (+65 instability)
Death from Above50 (+65 instability)
55 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon hunchback.png
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed65 km/h
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -25%
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: Base

Hunchback HBK-4G is a Medium-class 'Mech in Battletech.


A respected and feared Medium 'Mech, the Hunchback 4G is a platform built around its primary weapon. Mated with a pair of Medium Lasers, the 4G's AC/20 is capable of cutting down enemy BattleMechs with brutal efficiency. Its primary drawback is light rear armor and a relatively slow movement speed.


  • Optimized Stock Loadout - The HBK-4G's stock loadout is near optimal for its purpose: A slow-moving gunnery platform that punches above its weight class thanks to its massive AC/20. The small laser can potentially be removed to fit in a Jump Jet or an additional half-ton of armour, but the 'mech's limited hardpoints prevents any other large-scale changes.
  • Mobile Mid-range Sniper - Jump jets are so valuable on light and medium 'mechs, I nearly always equip them. Swap the AC/20 for an AC/10; add four jump jets; and finish with two medium lasers and a small laser. I take three tons of ammo and otherwise maximize armor. In cold climates, you can jump and fire the AC/10 with no heat build-up; put a Skirmisher as the pilot and watch the carnage ensue. Especially valuable on missions such as 1st Smithson.
  • Long Range Fire-Support/Sniper - The 4G has the most available tonnage of any medium 'mech that can equip more than one Ballistic weapon; and as such is likely the most practical platform because of their heavy weight. The AC/20 can potentially be downgraded to one or more AC/5's, greatly increasing range and clearing up tonnage for replacing the Medium Lasers with Large Lasers. 2 AC/5's with 2 ammo bins + 1 Large Laser leaves little tonnage for jumpjets and only decent armor (680 with no jumpjets), but puts out substantial damage over a very long range and is effectively heat-neutral. 1 AC/5 with 1 ammo bin + 2 Large Lasers runs quite hot but frees up tonnage for jumpjets, additional armor, or heatsinks to tame the heat from the Lasers.


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  • The Hunchback 4G is a tried and tested juggernaut on the field. One of the lightest 'Mechs to mount such a massive Autocannon, it is capable of destroying some lighter units in a single volley. It tends to mount heavy armor to boot.
  • The Hunchback is first and foremost a knife-fighting brawler. Get in close with it, and keep that left side facing towards the enemy - you may wish to remove the left-side medium laser for some extra ammunition or a bit more armour if you feel the need to use this thing as a tank. While an AC/20 can most certainly delete any light or medium 'mech in one hit if properly used, remember that you are a medium, not a heavy or assault - you can't slug it out with larger targets for long, your armour will break first. Using Called Shots on this thing is worth it in almost every situation. 200 damage in one location will remove said location quickly. Breaching Shot is your friend, make your enemies fear it. It's not fast enough to reliably get in the rear arc, but if your foe is fool enough to show it on something worth breaking, call a shot into the rear CT and you'll kill anything short of an Atlas (and maybe one of those, too, if you've got a UAC/20) with impunity. Speaking of UAC/20s, get one. If you don't have that DLC, I would advise changing that if you want to use this.
  • Alternately, grab some AC/5s and turn this thing into a bombardier. If you're doing this, the Medium Lasers should go in favour of more ammo, and remember, as always, to keep your left side facing. This loadout is more useful if you want to keep this thing in reserve in the late game - the relatively-impressive armour of the Hunchback is nothing before the fire of assault 'mechs, and twin upgraded AC/5s with a good called shot can reliably headshot targets twice its weight. Remember, your foe outnumbers you three to one, cheat harder.

Hunchback Strategy[]

Replace the two medium lasers with jump jets and put in a pilot with breaching shot. This will improve the Hunchback's mobility significantly allowing you to build up evasion and reach high ground, without the lasers heat buildup won't be an issue. Breaching shot will allow you to ignore cover and guarded meaning that your effective firepower will remain the same. The biggest weakness is ammo capacity, with just 10 shots this isn't a mech for long missions, but anyone who it hits with the AC20 will know they've been kissed.