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A pro-Capellan insurgent group called the Emerald Dawn threatens to destabilize Shaunavon's political landscape. House Davion will reward you handsomely to neutralize this terrorist threat.

Location: Shaunavon

Faction: Federated Suns

OpFor: Emerald Dawn

Description: First mission is an assassination mission with 200 ton total drop limit, max 55 tons per mech, on an urban map. Expect opposition to be 9 total enemies.

Lady Cunningham is unreachable after completing the first mission and you must choose between (A) completing the original contract by assassinating the other half of the Emerald Dawn leadership, or (B) securing the landing zone for her dropship.

  • A: 4v7 base destruction with turrets, garrison (3 enemies), and reinforcements (4 enemies) on an urban map. 2 skull mission with 200 tons total drop weight and max 55 tons per mech.
  • B: 4v8 battle on an urban map, also a 2 skull mission. There are no drop weight restrictions and the mission is not consecutive. The first lance is from the Emerald Dawn. A second lance from a group affiliated with Emerald Dawn drops after a couple turns.


  • A: 500,000 C-bills and rare equipment and weapons.
  • B: 500,000 C-bills and rare equipment and weapons. -12 Federated Suns reputation.