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House Davion seeks your assistance in a sensitive matter related to the security of our national borders. Expect a short deployment with exceptional salvage opportunities.

Upon Arrival: The Davion rep isn't available to talk with you so Darius provides the briefing that you'll be going after the Flak Jackal leaders, Orchid and Dominik Zhao. You'll have a choice of going after only one of the two. Orchid prefers close-in brawling while Dominik is known for long range attacks. Both use custom mechs with LosTech.

Location: New Vallis

Difficulty: 3.5 Skulls

Faction: Federated Suns

OpFor: Flak Jackals (Pirates, unaffiliated with the Pirate faction)

Engagement Length: Short (2 drops)

Consecutive Deployments: No

Tonnage requirements: No restrictions

Headhunting I - Mission:[ | ]

Battle Polar 3.5 Skull Difficulty No tonnage restriction

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

There's plenty of forest and terrain to use as cover and you'll need it in the polar environment as all mechs will be running cool and firing often. Enemy mechs have reduced armor to even the playing field a bit.

Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

Headhunting II - Pursue Orchid Mission Option[ | ]

Assassinate Polar 3.5 Skull Difficulty No tonnage restriction

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate Orchid "Thresher" Zhao (Custom Thunderbolt 5SE - 5 x M Pulse, 3 X ER Small Laser)

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy the supporting Flak Jackal forces (1 x Assassin 21, 2 X Orion 1V) - these forces will be to the left of starting location
  • Destroy the Flak Jackal reinforcements (2 x Dragon 1N, 1 x Catapult C4, 1 x Grasshopper 5H) - these forces will be to the right of starting location

Recommend heading left immediately and destroying the 3 supporting Flak Jackal mechs first. The enemy reinforcements will automatically begin moving toward you once you've engaged and should become visible around turn 5-7. Destroy them and then take out Orchid. Note comments by other players indicate it's possible to salvage her mech with a clean headshot and if your options are set with 3 parts = mech. This is in addition to the mission rewards but may have been corrected in later versions.

Headhunting II - Pursue Dominik Mission Option[ | ]

"Whistler" fights in a custom Jagermech with a Gauss rifle. There are two lances of assorted medium and heavy mechs and a King Crab in this battle besides the primary target. After a few goes at the mission attempting to see if the custom Jagermech is salvageable through headshots etc., its mech parts and weapons never appeared in the post-mission salvage list (there were 2x Gauss rifles and 2x Gauss ammo in the final rewards crate along with a few random "rare" weapons and mech parts).

Headhunting III - Rewards[ | ]

You get usual random loot and 1,000,000 C-Bills. Also, depending on flashpoint decision:

For Orchid "Thresher" Zhao:

  • 3 Medium Pulse Laser
  • 4 Double Heat Sink

For Dominik "Whistler" Zhao:

  • 2 Gauss Rifle
  • 2 Gauss Rifle ammo