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James Adalwulf
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  • Military
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  • Command Experience
  • MechWarrior
  • Lyran
  • Multi-Target
  • Bulwark
  • Increased Health
  • James "Hammer" Adalwulf is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    James Adalwulf started life as a farmboy in the Lyran Commonwealth. He grew up in a close and loving family, spending time with nature and animals. As he matured, he began to feel the pressures of the endless Third Succession War, and joined the military to defend his home and people.

    After enlistment and basic training, James was assigned to a ship's crew for his first tour. While serving as a crewman, he developed a reputation inspired by his quiet nature and firm manner that made him a shoo-in when the LCAF was looking to replenish its supply of special operatives. Shortly after starting service in spec ops, he fell in love with one of his support team.

    As soon as his tour ended, he mustered out of the LCAF along with his new spouse, and the two of them settled down in the same place that he'd grown up. For all too short a time, he enjoyed a renewal of that close family life in a peaceful agricultural region. But then the war he'd thought he left behind found him once again. While traveling on farm business, his small town was caught in-between raiders and Lyran defenders. His entire family was wiped out.

    James had kept in touch with all of his old military friends and contacts. He could have called on any of them. But it was too late for his family, too late for his faith in House Steiner, and probably too late for him. All he had left was revenge, and the only way he knew to get it was to join a mercenary company and keep his eyes sharp for justice.

    Strategy[ | ]

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