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Lars Reichenbach
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  • Backer
  • Military
  • Brave
  • MechWarrior
  • Lyran
  • Multi-Target
  • Bulwark
  • Increased Health
  • Lars "Flatline" Reichenbach is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    Lars was born on Arcturus, the original capital of the Lyran Commonwealth, in one of the metropolises reclaimed by the ecosystem after the capital moved to Tharkad. As a result, his childhood an odd mix of the urban and the rural. But like many other Arcturans, Lars was raised with near fanatical devotion to the Commonwealth. When he was old enough, he enlisted in the LCAF.

    On his first tour in the LCAF, he was assigned to the infantry, trained in anti-'Mech operations. He spent most of his tour living in harsh environments, avoiding being stomped on or shot by enemy 'Mechs. After his first tour ended, Lars used his earnings from his enlistment to attend the Blackjack School of Conflict, training to become a MechWarrior.

    The unconventional methods taught at the Blackjack School of Conflict made Lars a perfect fit for the 6th Lyran Guards. But after surviving the 13th Battle of Hesperus II, Lars decided his life and skills were worth more than a government paycheck and left the LCAF to find wealth through his trade as a Solaris VII gladiator.

    He had a promising start on Solaris but an embarrassing defeat found Lars relegated to fighting small-time matches in The Reaches. After racking up some serious debt through gambling and expensive living, Lars decided to sell his skills as a mercenary to pay off his debts... before someone comes collecting.

    Strategy[ | ]

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