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Farah Murad
Farah murad
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Plotting graphs and forecasting future events calms me. It's like my own little way of using math to bring order from chaos. And besides, everybody needs a hobby. I know for a fact that Darius crochets.

Doctor Farah Murad is a military engineer responsible for getting the Argo up and running - from Axylus to Lyreton to Weldry.

Background[ | ]

Born on Regulus, in the Free Worlds League, Farah was the daughter of academics and spent most of her early years jumping between their suburban apartment and the Ferdowsi, her Baba Joon's live-in DropShip. Baba Joon was Farah's grandfather, who made a tidy profit running pilgrims to and from Dar-es-Salaam, the center of the Islamic faith in the Lyran Commonwealth. Old-fashioned and beloved by Farah, he left an indelible mark on her life. She has plenty of fond memories from that time: The warmth behind Baba Joon's smile. The excitement of leaving Regulus behind. Chatting with the pilgrims, and getting lost in the stars, and eating prepackaged fesenjan out of a shiny tin. In a way, she believes her choice of career is a way of honoring her Baba Joon.

She spent a few years in the Commonwealth before pursuing her studies back in the League. During that time, she married Uncle Heiner, of Uncle Heiner's Experiment World (a program that got her into science in the first place). As it turned out, a chain-smoking nihilist teaching IEDs to children was a poor choice for a husband, though she did learn that she had a real talent for machines. She decided to pursue that goal and did her undergrad at the University Atreus, then continued her education at Sian University in the Capellan Confederation - one of the most respected educational establishments in the known space. She graduated with two doctorates (physics and mechanical engineering) and pursued a career as a mercenary engineer, something she always wanted (aside a brief fascination with the life of a statistician).

The recovery and restoration of the Argo was the single biggest project of her career. Managing billions in C-Bills and a staff of two hundred of the most talented employees of Lyreton Shipyards, she probed herself of working miracles - after she survived the Axylus drop and the death of her engineering team, yet managed to get the Argo airborne.