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I require your help on a personal matter, Commander. No other mercenary company will do. If you accept, further details will be provided upon your arrival at Brockway.

Upon Arrival:

Welcome to Brockway, Commander, I'm pleased that you've answered my summons; not all mercenary commands are bold enough to attack Davion interests inside the Federated Suns' own borders.

Introduction[ | ]

Alban Stieglitz-Bradford of the Lyran Commonwealth explains that he wishes for the mercenaries to capture a munitions stockpile disguised as a civilian warehouse. This will force House Davion to dispatch its closest forces to reclaim the stockpile, and those forces just happened to be commanded by Lord Jesper Bisset. He is the son of Duke Royden Bisset, a bitter political enemy of Alban's, and the entire Bisset family would be disgraced if Jesper were beaten soundly in battle.

First Mission:[ | ]

You'll find the Davion munitions factory at the coordinates I've outlined, Commander. Take if from them, that it may serve as the bait for the trap that I'm paying you to set.

Capture Base mission - Desert Biome - 3.5 Skull Rating - No Tonnage Limits

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate the factory's defensive turrets (heavy models, typically 2 x Heavy LRM, 2 x Heavy Sniper)

Reinforcements will appear from the North & East area of the factory as the player's lance approaches. Some forest is available for cover, as well as elevation, but generally the approach of enemy reinforcements will cause them to have the high ground.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

After capturing the factory you find there are a number of civilians around the area, and any further fighting will put them in danger. Their leader asks for your help in escaping and you are presented with two options:

  • Flashpoint Decision: Refuse to help the locals
  • Flashpoint Decision: Agree to help the locals - this will lead to an escort mission but no additional reward beyond salvage from the attackers (and some civilian goodwill).
    • You can repair before this mission, but not before the final mission. All the bandits will have -75% armor so it will be a pretty easy mission however.

Optional Escort Mission (Agree to help locals):[ | ]

We'd be dead without your assistance, Commander. Full stop. There are at least a dozen different bandit gangs operating on the outskirts of our territory, and any one of 'em would jump at the chance to gun us down. So... thanks for doing what's decent. From all of us.

Escort mission - Desert Biome - 3.5 Skull Rating - No Tonnage Limits - Consecutive Deployment

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Secure the convoy rally point
  • Escort the refugees to the safe zone
  • Protect the convoy until the dropship arrives
  • Get to the evac zone

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Eliminate the bandit roadblock
  • Ensure that all refugee vehicles survive
  • Eliminate the bandit reinforcements

The bandit roadblock will be between your starting location and the rally point so you'll need to fight your way through them. They will be composed of 4 partially randomized 'Mechs, typically 2-3 heavy and the remainder medium. An example lance would be: 2 x Thunderbolt TDR-5S, 1 X Blackjack BJ-1DB, 1 x Hatchetman HCT-3X. However their armor will be 'ramshackle' (only 25% of normal) so their staying power is lacking. It's best to take them all down before securing the rally point, which spawns the APCs in need of protection.

Once you secure the rally point you will need to escort 4 APCs to the landing pad to the east. The APCs are slow and will take 6+ turns to reach the area but the bandit's reinforcements do not arrive until the first APC reaches the escape point. They arrive from the southeast and consist of 4 partially randomized 'Mechs, typically another 2-3 heavy with the remainder medium. An example lance would be: 1 x Thunderbolt TDR-5SE, 1 x Rifleman RFL-3N, 1 x Black Knight BL-6-KNT, 1 x Cataphract CTF-0X. They too will have 'ramshackle' status and can be brought down quickly with concentrated fire, but if a Cataphract CTF-0X spawns, the player will either need to sensor lock or close in to negate its Electronic Warfare equipment. It is possible to evac the player lance rather than destroy the reinforcements once all APCs have been evacuated, but remember that the only tangible reward for this mission is salvage from destroyed enemies.

Final Mission[ | ]

Now that your humanitarian responsibilities have been seen to, perhaps you'll be good enough to focus your attention on your real job? Lord Jesper and his lance are on their way to challenge you. Hold the factory and send him home in his ejection pod, defeated and ashamed! Leave his precious ancestral BattleMech a smoldering ruin!

Defend Base mission - Desert Biome - 3.5 Skull rating - No tonnage limits - Consecutive Deployment

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Hold out for reinforcements (10 rounds)
  • Defend the munitions factory (4 of 8 buildings must survive)

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Ensure all buildings survive
  • Destroy Lord Jesper Bisset's lance

The first enemy lance will come from the north and contain 4 partially randomized 'Mechs, typically 3-4 medium and possibly 1 heavy. One example rolled is (1 x Cicada CDA-2A, 1 x Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, 1 x Wolverine WVR-6K, 1 x Jagermech JM6-S. They will go straight for one of the buildings so it is very difficult to avoid losing it without a fast lance that can aggro the mechs. However they do have 'ramshackle' armor so they will not stand up long under fire.

At the top of round 4, enemy reinforcements will arrive to both the southeast and southwest of the base. Each will have 'ramshackle' armor but the sudden arrival of eight new units still must be addressed quickly. The southeastern portion typically arrives with 3 heavy and 1 medium 'Mech (one example rolled is 1 x Assassin ASN-21, 1 x Hatchetman HCT-3F, 1 x Trebuchet TBT-5N, 1 x Jagermech JM6-S). The southwestern portion is more vehicle-focused, usually spawning with just one heavy 'Mech (one example rolled is 1 x Quickdraw QKD-5A, 1 X Striker, 1 X Striker Narc, 1 x Demolisher LB-X). Quick fire to draw aggression, especially against enemies with LRM weapons, is key to keeping the base intact.

Aftermath[ | ]

Even if the mercenaries briefly went off contract to help the civilians, Alban is still quite pleased by the end results. House Bisset has been humiliated and Alban plans to ridicule him quite thoroughly. He transfers the reward over to the player's company immediately after his farewell.

Rewards[ | ]

  • Standard chance of rare weapon and salvage for Flashpoint event
  • 1,000,000 C-Bills