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General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentTemperate (no heat sink modifier)
  • Attempt to rescue Lord Alexander Madeira
  • Recover House Madeira's "Insurance Policy"
  • Lady Kamea Arano must survive
  • Bulldogs, Manticores, Strikers, Griffin GRF-1S
  • Bulldogs, Manticores, Strikers, Locust LCT-1V, Firestarter FS9-H
  • Hunchback HBK-4P, Commando COM-2D, Enforcer ENF-4R, Thunderbolt TDR-5SE, Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, Jenner JR7-D and Spider SDR-5V
  • Related quests
    Defense Panzyr
    leads to:
    Liberate Tyrlon

    Extraction is a storyline mission in Battletech.

    Synopsis[ | ]

    Although Kamea raced to save her friend and advisor, the Directorate has captured Lord Madeira and is currently moving him to the starport. Lady Arano is determined to get him back. With his transponder coordinates, the plan is to make planetfall, rescue Alexander, and recover the evidence he risked his life to bring us - while bringing ruin to anyone who stands in our way.

    Walkthrough[ | ]

    • This is a rescue mission, with the opposition consisting of a combination of heavy vehicles, turrets and mechs. Be sure to pack in some LRM's for long-distance fire against turret generators and at least one MechWarrior with improved call shots and high powered weapons.
    • Lady Kamea Arano will join you in the Atlas AS7-D-HT she obtained in Castle Nautilus. The objective to keep her alive is generally self-fulfilling, since she is in the most heavily armored mech available.
    • Your first objective is to secure Lord Madeira's APC by destroying the escorts. The APC is en route to a refueling station, guarded by Bulldogs, Manticores, Strikers and a Griffin GRF-1S. The refueling station is also covered by turrets powered by three turret generators.
    • When you have destroyed the escorts, Victoria Espinosa detonates Alexander's APC, reveals he was never in it, and sends in a second wave ambush containing more Bulldogs, Manticores, Strikers, a Locust LCT-1V and a Firestarter FS9-H. Farah speculates this is the result of the Directorate cloning the signal from Madeira's subdermal transponder and she'll attempt to find his new position. She'll locate him en route to the most heavily defended Directorate fortress on Guldra, and one covered by dozens of triple-A defenses. Lady Arano makes a hard choice against all her instincts: She focuses on acquiring the insurance policy of the Madeiras, as Lord Alexander asked her to do.
    • The new objective is to recover Alexander's data while fighting off the ambush. It's hidden beneath a small military base created by the Directorate on site of Alexander Madeira's grandfather (Santiago's spite knows no bounds, apparently).
    • When you reach the data relay, you have to hold your position within the objective for 5 rounds while the data uploads. More reinforcements will appear: Hunchback HBK-4P, Commando COM-2D, Enforcer ENF-4R, Thunderbolt TDR-5SE, Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, Jenner JR7-D and Spider SDR-5Va. While defending, it's very important that all 4 mechs remain within the evac zone, as the counter will not progress otherwise.
    • As there is no requirement for you to remain within the objective area within any time limit, you are free to take your time, retreat to a more favorable position, and engage the enemy mechs piecemeal should you find yourself outgunned.
    • As of the Last DLC, several things changed: 1st - the starting point is not behind the ridge, its already on the road. There are 2 Tanks, a Dragon and the Turrets. The armour of the Mech is already quite shot so just kill him. The First wave of reinforcements is a HBK Laserboat, a SRM Carrier and a Trebuchet (from the Road to the right) as well as a Panther and a Wolverine (from the ridge behind the base). Suggest you utilise the little wood next to the base for cover, get 2 Assaults on the right side and kill them. Next wave is 3 Firestarters with as it seems only Flamers and MGs. As well as a Kintaro. LRM Knockdowns and Melee the Firestarters then finish off the Kintaro. Last wave is a Black Knight, a LRM Carrier over the ridge of the road (indirect fire, the Knight serves as the spotter), a Jenner and a Commando. It is crucial to get at least 1 Mech into the base as there is a 5 turn time limit and you will have to stay 3 Turns inside the spot in the base. Get up there as quickly as possible (I managed it in the last turn after wasting time with the Black Knight and the carrier). Just hurry up and mop up and you will be fine.

    Outcome[ | ]

    • Lord Madeira is lost to the enemy, but manages to provide the Restoration with incriminating data on the Directorate. Much of it is related to bribery, embezzlement, and other run-of-the-mill devious dastardly doings, but among the files is also a single holographic recording from the Arano Palace, installed before Lord Tamato's death to provide a secret recording of diplomatic events. What it does contain, however, is something far more important: Proof that Director Espinosa is behind the chemical attack at Perdition, killing thousands of civilians in order to escalate hostilities between the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns. That way, the comparatively poor and weak Aurigan Directorate would become a useful ally to Protector Calderon, bringing wealth, military equipment, and influence to the Directorate.