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Chris Eck
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  • Backer
  • Military
  • Command Experience
  • Capellan
  • Sensor Lock
  • Improved Indirect Fire
  • Improved Called Shot
  • Chris "Eck" Eck is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    Born to engineers on Victoria in the Capellan Confederation, Chris Eck was marked early as a particularly gifted child. Matching early performance was rewarded with the patronage required for him to attend the Sian Center for Martial Disciplines. He graduated in the top fifth percentile and was immediately recommended for the Sian University Officer Candidate Program.

    After he passed the strenuous final examination process, he was assigned to a BattleMech unit in a lieutenant position. He served in that position for several years, but when he was due for promotion, he was instead invited back to the SCMD for advanced courses in the specialized field of BattleMech covert operations. After some time engaged in \"boring activities nobody would want to hear about\ he was sent to Solaris VII for the traditional MechWarrior background cleansing. There, he made an unexpected splash by going undefeated in his first tournament, despite joining late and without the backing of a stable.

    Now in the Periphery, he tells his story easily over a couple of beers, with every indication of perfect honesty. When awed rookies ask how he ended up working out in the Periphery as a mercenary, his only answer is, \"I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.\" He isn't lying.

    Strategy[ | ]

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    Other Notes[ | ]

    Eck (the real world version) became a fan of the BattleTech franchise after playing his first table-top game in 1989. Since then, he's played nearly every incarnation of the game including RPG's, card games, consoles, PC games, and even played realtime, text-based BattleTech MUSE/MUX's. When the new BattleTech was announced Eck backed at the level to secure a backer pilot. He applied for the tools developer position at Harebrained Schemes and moved his family from Tennessee to Washington near the beginning of the project. During his employment there, internal tournaments were held to test out the combat game and put multiplayer through its paces. Eck remained undefeated and an achievement was named after him: "Eck's Gon' Give It To Ya" - a viral achievement where you have to play someone with this achievement, or play Eck himself. He frequently signs posts that describe this brief history of going from fan to backer to employee with #livingthedream.