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Draconis Combine
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  • Draconis Combine (Kurita) is a faction in Battletech.

    Background[ | ]

    The Draconis Combine is one of the five Successor States of the Star League, located coreward and spinward of Terra. Ruled by House Kurita, the Combine has always been aggressively expansionist-the head of the Combine was the first of the Council Lords to declare himself the new ruler of the collapsing Star League. Regularly in conflicts along its borders with all its neighbors, the Combine is a highly structured, militaristic society, with rulership in the hands of the Coordinator, the commander-in-chief of the Draconis military. The Combine's culture is heavily influenced by the Japanese roots of the ruling family-despite the minority status of those with Japanese ancestry-as this cultural heritage is imposed from above by the predominantly Japanese ruling class. The current leader of the Combine is Coordinator Takashi Kurita.

    Interactions[ | ]