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Defense Panzyr
BT Defense Panzyr
General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentPolar (+20% heat sink efficiency)
  • Protect the spaceport's command center from the Taurian advance
  • Prevent the Taurians from seizing Restoration DropShips
Related quests
Liberate Itrom
leads to:

Defense Panzyr is a storyline mission given by the Arano Restoration as part of the campaign in Battletech, available after completing a couple of contracts after Liberation: Itrom.

Synopsis[ | ]

Under Ostergaards orders, the Taurians are attacking Restoration famine relief efforts on Panzyr, targeting the spaceport used to deliver emergency supplies. If they succeed, a mass starvation will follow. They're trying to bait Lady Arano into redirecting the main army and taking the field herself... but she can't let them do that. If the people are to survive, you will have to save them.

You will be aiding House Decimis alongside remnants of the 2nd Decimis Fusiliers under Lieutenant Karen Andris. Although nearly wiped out, they are still capable of restoring turrets to full operation.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This is a base defense mission in a polar setting, with the opposition consisting of vehicles and a variety of 'Mechs. Bring a lance with good firepower, since you have to destroy enemy vehicles fast - and heat is not much of a problem on this map.
  • Your primary goal is to prevent the APCs from reaching the command center by destroying them before they can get there. You are thrown directly into the fight, and the APCs are guarded by several 'Mechs: Jenner JR7-D, Panther PNT-9L, Commando COM-1B, Trebuchet TBT-5N and Griffin GRF-1N.
  • Focus on destroying the APCs and avoid the 'Mechs to begin with. When you destroy all six APCs the turrets come back online to help with the remaining 'Mechs. The first wave consists of four Sleipnir APCs, with another two dropped in Round 4.
  • An optional objective is to prevent another APC, dropped at the start of Round 2, from reaching the barracks with the 2nd Decimis' wounded - here you'll need a very fast 'Mech to intercept or a pair of 'Mechs with long-range weapons and sensor lock. The biggest challenge is reaching it, as the APC is a light ten tonner appearing far outside the barracks or your sensor range and closes in by Round 4. A stock Jenner JR7-D piloted by a mechwarrior with high Piloting can usually wreck the APC. Just take a right and go over the forested hill once inside the barracks area. Doing this is worth a +25% bonus.
    • Alternatively, a Grasshopper with a Piloting 7 Mech Warrior can also make it if it sprints on turns 1 and 2, and jumps on turn 3. This also requires it to spawn at position 3.
  • If you wish to cheese dealing with the Sleipnirs, they can be physically blocked by positioning a Mech in the middle of two of the four gates. This leaves two 'Mechs free to maneuver, one to deal with the hospital, the other to tie up the enemy 'Mechs attacking from the front.

Outcome[ | ]

  • Although the defense of Panzyr is successful, the overall direction of the war is not. The Concordat greatly outnumbers the restoration and can grind it down through sheer attrition - to make things worse, more DropShips are massing on the borders near New Vandenberg. As Lady Arano beats herself up over the situation, trying to keep everything in perspective, Lord Madeira contacts the Argo and reports success. However, the Restoration needs to get him off Guldra before the Directorate catches up with him.