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Phaelon Halder
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  • Backer
  • Nobility
  • Military
  • MechWarrior
  • Federal
  • Sensor Lock
  • Improved Indirect Fire
  • Phaelon "Deedah" Halder is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    The son of a renowned Davion diplomat, Phaelon Halder spent his early childhood traveling with his mother as she went on the many missions created by the Third Succession War. He grew up steeped in intrigue and court drama, and learned early to confound those who were willing use children to get an edge in their negotiations.

    When he was old enough, he was sent to the New Avalon Institute of Science, where he was enrolled in both the College of Military Science and the elite College of Finance. Once he graduated, he went onto the position waiting for him at the Ministry of Ways and Means.

    However, five years into his ten year contract, he realized that if he spent any more time at a desk job there would be 'an unhappy Incident even Mother couldn't smooth over.' To forestall this, he manipulated his supervisor into terminating his contract. Then he promptly bought his way into a Davion-aligned mercenary company, where he enjoyed himself thoroughly until the Third Succession War ended.

    When his unit was disbanded, he was still unready to settle down. He headed out to the Periphery where there was still plenty of mercenary work to be found. He stays in regular contact with his family, and will certainly return home again if there is ever a real need for him. Meanwhile, he continues to pursue the adventurous lifestyle.

    Strategy[ | ]

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