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Death Krusade
Todd Ryia
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  • Backer
  • Military
  • Command Experience
  • Periphery
  • Multi-Target
  • Steadier 'Mech
  • Increased Health
  • Todd "DeathKrusade" Ryia is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    While Todd Ryia was born in the Outworld Alliance, his blue-collar family immigrated to Solaris VII in his early childhood. Raised among tradesmen working among the residents of Solaris VII, he developed early a jaundiced eye toward the gladiatorial industry.

    When he was an adult, he enlisted in one of the local security firms., first as a beat officer and then as a detective. After some time, he was invited to join the Solaris PD special forces unit. He became intimately familiar with the dark side of the gladiatorial industry as well as the inside of a 'Mech.

    He lived for his work, for the sense that he was accomplishing something. Until one day he was set on the task of tracking down the person behind a series of brutal murders that led across the International Zone. Through the whole damn city, and through a sordid story that had, at its heart, a betrayed warrior princess with eyes like cinders, and ended with a mercenary DropShip returning to the sky.

    Todd's jurisdiction ended there. Unless she returned, he had other cases to solve. But somehow, he couldn't let go. The purity of the girl in the holovid haunted him. He had to follow her, find her, hear her story for himself. He had to find the lies, or accept his own failure.

    So now\u2026 well, he's been in 'hot pursuit' for a few years now, working hard on finding her. But she's too smart to use her gladiatorial name as a mercenary, and his holo-vid of her was stolen a year ago, so he's not quite sure he'd recognize her anymore, but\u2026. she's out there. Somewhere. And maybe, if he finds her, he'll finally be able to sleep peacefully again. Meanwhile... he has to eat.

    Strategy[ | ]

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