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The Cyclops CP-10-Q is an Assault-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

Cyclops 10-Zs use their imposing presence and unique communications equipment to control the battlefield. While the 10-Z carries a lethal array of close range weaponry, its primary role is command and control, bolstering friendly units with its specialized battle computer.

Loadouts[ | ]

The Cyclops has low usable tonnage for an assault 'mech (41 tons; second-worst to the Banshee variants) which greatly limits loadout options. As a consolation, it has a high movespeed for an Assault 'mech.

The 10-Zs battle computer mounts in the head slot and grants +1 initiative for all lance unites.

  • Laser Support - With six total laser mounts (3 each arm) the 10-Z can fill a variety of roles from sniping to brawling. However, It may be advisable to avoid a brawling role because the head slot being unavailable will lead to more pilot injuries. The 10-Z also sports a ballistic hardpoint in the right torso and missile hardpoints in the left and center torso.

Strategy[ | ]

The battle computer is interesting tactically and will help your lance down some opponents before they have a chance to fire. The computer's initiative bonus stacks with the master tactician pilot skill allowing assault 'mechs to act on the 3 initiative phase with medium 'mechs. With focus fire from your lance you should be able to down some heavy, and even assault, 'mechs before they have a chance to act.