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The Cyclops CP-10-HQ is a Assault-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

The Cyclops CP-10-HQ is the ultimate command 'Mech. Through its weaponry is fairly light for its class, it provides unmatched benefits to friendly units in the form of improved communications, coordination, and battlefield awareness.

Loadouts[ | ]

The 10-HQ has lowest available tonnage of any assault 'Mech (33 tons) which greatly limits loadout options. As a consolation, it has a high movespeed for an Assault 'Mech, a battle computer, and an advanced command module.

  • Laser/Missile Support The 10-HQ retains all the laser hardpoints (three each arm) of the 10-Z. However, it loses the ballistic mount of the 10-Z in favor two additional missile hardpoints. While this may look incredibly attractive the limited tonnage of the 10-HQ makes it difficult to fully utilize. Also, without the ability to equip a cockpit mod the 10-HQ would be best to stay out of concentrated fire. This typically relegates the 'Mech to either a sniping or long range missile role.

Salvage[ | ]

The CP-10-HQ sells for a whopping 2.6 million C-Bills. Money conscious commanders would be wise to look out for any pieces of 10-HQ salvage.

Considerations[ | ]

The battle computer grants +1 initiate to all units in the lance. This will allow skilled commanders to pick off some 'Mechs before they have a chance to act.
The advanced command module grants +1 accuracy and 10% damage reduction to all units in the lance, but comes at the terrible price of weighting 8 tons (this is why the 10-HQ has such a terrible payload for an assault 'Mech).
If you just want initiative for your lance run a 10-Z and put the additional 8 tons to use carrying lasers and heatsinks. If you need damage reduction, it's typically best, to run a Marauder (42.5 ton payload). The 10-HQ sits in weird middle ground between payload, initiative, and damage reduction - it does all those things but none of them especially well.

Teamed up with a Marauder though, the stacking 10% damage reduction allow otherwise suicidal stunts with a light or medium 'Mech, like fielding a COIL Firestarter in 5 skull missions.

Putting a free floating ECM - can be found in random shops or the black markets - into this 'Mech makes it a particular good support 'Mech; its combat role should be melee/brawler then.