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"House Liao requires your assistance in the dismantling of a prominent crime syndicate. Working in concert with Capellan ground forces, you will capture the OpFor's personnel and seize their financial assets."

Introduction[ | ]

Marina Liao of the Capellan Confederation will briefly explain that she wishes to hire the player's company to assist a local Subcommander, Boris Tianyu, with a task in the Ivory Crescent province of the planet Yuris. The Subcommander is far from pleased to have his reinforcements be mercenaries rather than Capellan regulars, but he still needs their assistance to take on a local crime lord, the Iron Sparrow.

Mission 1[ | ]

Commander, find and eliminate the Iron Sparrow's courier and his bodyguard. I want Shivraj dead and whatever intelligence he's carrying in my hands.

Assassinate mission - Highlands Biome - 3 skulls difficulty - No tonnage restrictions

Objectives[ | ]

  • Eliminate Bront Shivraj
  • Destroy The Iron Sparrow's Forces

Hills as well as forest cover are quite plentiful throughout the mission area, offering many tactical opportunities. The Iron Sparrow forces that block the approach to Shivraj will typically be a mix of two medium and two heavy 'Mechs. Shivraj himself will have his own heavy 'Mech and also be accompanied by a bodyguard in a medium 'Mech. A properly equipped assault lance should allow the player to crush all opposition without major concerns.

Based on the intel recovered, the Subcommander order an immediate consecutive deployment to capture an Iron Sparrow facility. The player will have no time for repairs, but will be able to swap out damaged 'Mechs or injured pilots if they have replacements ready to go on the Argo.

Mission 2 (Consecutive Deployment)[ | ]

The intel you got from the Iron Sparrow's courier points here, to the warehouse you'll find just ahead. Take it for House Liao until the Liao Reserves arrive to relieve you.

Capture Base mission - Highlands Biome - 3 skulls difficulty - No tonnage restrictions

Objectives[ | ]

  • Reconnoiter The Iron Sparrow's Warehouse
  • Engage And Destroy The Iron Sparrow's Units
  • Eliminate The Point-Defense Turrets
  • Occupy The Warehouse
  • Destroy the Criminal Reinforcements

The Iron Sparrow's units consist of four medium 'Mechs, while the reinforcements will typically contain two medium and one heavy. However all of the 'Mechs are 'ramshackle' (only 25% of normal armor) and thus far easier to bring down than normal. The four turrets around the warehouse are of the normal/standard variety, so they too will not stand up long to heavy fire. Once all targets are eliminated and one of the player's 'Mechs steps into the warehouse's capture zone, the mission will end in triumph.

Flashpoint Decision (Turn over or keep SLDF 'Mech)[ | ]

As the mission concludes, the Subcommander will order that the mercenaries catalog what is supposed to be a warehouse full of valuable mining equipment. Yang will go slightly off task and discover the warehouse has a vault containing a Star League-era Griffin (GRF-2N). The player is now faced with two options. The first option is to turn over the Griffin, yielding an additional 900,000 C-Bills as well as 16 points of Capellen Confederation reputation. The second option lets the player keep the Griffin and also adds 20 points of Pirate reputation, but no C-Bills from the Confederation and some lost reputation with them.

Mission 3 (chose to keep 'Mech)[ | ]

I know what your man has done. Lady Marina may be fool enough to trust in mercenaries, but I've had agents watching you from the start - and now I find my suspicious confirmed. Prepare yourself to face the full wrath of the Liao Reserves, Commander - I will claim the contents of that vault you so covet, and then I will bury you in it.

Defend Base mission - Highlands Biome - 3 skulls difficulty - No tonnage restrictions

Objectives[ | ]

  • Hold Out For Reinforcements (Rounds: 10)
  • Defend the Warehouse against the Liao Reserves (5 buildings, at least 2 must survive)
  • (Optional) Destroy Subcommander Tianyu's Vanguard

The first wave will come from the north of the base with four 'Mechs, 3 of them medium and a single heavy. The second wave comes from the east and typically contains 3 heavy 'Mechs. As with any Defend Base mission, quick fire is key to drawing the enemy's aggression away from buildings and toward your own 'Mechs.

Once victory is achieved, the Iron Sparrow will call in and congratulate the player. Eventually a deal is reached: the player releases control of the warehouse to Iron Sparrow but keeps the SLDF-era Griffin 'Mech, and Iron Sparrow will 'find' some witnesses who will corroborate that the Subcommander attacked his own mercenaries in a fit of rage during a contract dispute. Marina Liao is far from pleased by the death of her Subcommander even with the presented evidence, so the player will both miss out on the 900,000 C-Bill payment and take a significant hit to their Capellan Confederation reputation.

Mission 3 (chose to turn over mech)[ | ]

The Iron Sparrow has dispatched all of his remaining units to attack the vault's northmost entrance, Commander. Hold them off until the Liao Reserves arrive to relieve you.

Defend Base mission - Highlands Biome - 3 skulls difficulty - No tonnage restrictions

Objectives[ | ]

  • Hold Out For Reinforcements (Rounds: 10)
  • Defend The Vault From The Iron Sparrow's Forces (5 buildings, at least 2 must survive)
  • (Optional) Destroy The Iron Sparrow's Attackers

The first wave will come from the north, containing 4 medium mechs. After a few rounds 4 more mechs will approach from the east, 2 medium and 2 heavy. All of the Iron Sparrow's forces are again in a ramshackle state (only 25% of normal armor), so they should go down quickly once under fire.

The Iron Sparrow will commit no further resources and withdraw from the area, leaving the vault and the Star League-era mech for the Subcommander. After the mission the Subcommander will express displeasure that the vault was opened by Yang. However since nothing is missing he is quickly chastised by Marina Liao, and she will hand the mission payment of 900,000 C-Bills in a fairly cordial manner.

Final Rewards:[ | ]

Turned over 'Mech: 900,000 C-Bills, Capellan Reputation, and Rare Weapon Salvage

Kept 'Mech: Pirate Reputation, SLDF Griffin-2N, and an assortment of Rare Components/Mech Parts