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Coronation Day
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General data
TypeStoryline mission
EnvironmentCordia City Outskirts
  • Investigate the Guard Post
  • Rendezvous with the Royal Guard
  • Eliminate Hostile Guardsmen
  • All Friendly Units Must Survive
  • Head to Rotorua Township
  • Destroy the Enemy Forces
  • Destroy the Espinosa Vehicles
  • Proceed to the Evac Zone
  • Destroy Captain Haust's Forces
  • Get Kamea to the dropship
  • Panther PNT-9R, Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
  • Cicada CDA-2A, Spider SDR-5V, Locust LCT-1S
  • Wolverine WVR-6R
  • 3 Strikers, a Galleon, 2 Scorpions
  • Related quests
    leads to:
    Three Years Later

    Coronation Day is a storyline mission in Battletech.

    Synopsis[ | ]

    It is the day that Kamea Arano finally ascends the throne as the sovereign of the Aurigan Reach. However, her uncle, dissatisfied with her decision to retain the Council and move the Reach towards a more democratic government, launches a coup d'etat backed by hardline supporters - and establishes the Aurigan Directorate. Meanwhile Kamea Arano makes her way towards the capital, in blissful ignorance of the slaughter unfolding across Coromondir - until they happen upon a burned-out guard post.

    Walkthrough[ | ]

    • You start the mission with three Mechs: A Centurion CN9-A manned by the Mastiff, Kamea in a Kintaro KTO-18, and you in the Blackjack BJ-1. Immediately you receive your first objective to investigate the guard post. Simply approach it to complete the objective and learn that all's not kosher. You'll receive an objective to meet up with the Royal Guard squad nearby.
    • Approach them (a Panther PNT-9R and a Shadow Hawk SHD-2H) and you'll quickly learn of the coup in progress. They will immediately attack, but fortunately they have suffered damage fighting loyalists. Use Kamea as tank and pointman (they won't attack her if Raju or your commander is nearby) and they should be mopped up quickly. Once that happens, you're contacted by Lord Alexander Madeira, who relays the situation at the palace.
    • Madeira directs Kamea to the loyalist rallying point at the Rotua Township's armory. Head over there, dealing with secessionist vehicles on the way (two Striker, a Galleon, and a Scorpion). Fight through them only to learn that you were too late. Victoria Espinosa will contact Kamea, demanding her surrender. Kamea will naturally refuse and Victoria will airdrop three mechs to intercept you (a Cicada CDA-2A, Spider SDR-5V, and a Locust LCT-1S) at the destroyed armory. After they're disposed of, you will receive another message from Lord Madeira, this time telling you to get the hell off of Cormandir and live to fight another day. A dropship will land at Shepherd's Pass and your next objective is to go through the Scorpion and Striker in the way to the dust-off site. Once you approach the site, Victoria will offer one last chance to surrender, then order your death once Kamea rejects it.
    • The final objective is to get through Captain Haust's forces (the good captain pilots a Wolverine WVR-6R and is supported by two turrets). Turrets are best saved for last, as they can get in a couple of lucky shots, potentially ending the mission prematurely. After all's done, move into the evac marker. Everything goes wrong from that point onward. Raju falls shielding your retreat, the dropship is downed by Espinosa flyers together with Lady Arano, and you only barely survive thanks to Markham's Marauders. After the executive officer gives you the what's what and who's who of the new order, you fall in with Markham.

    Dialogue[ | ]

    Mission start
    • Kamea: "I'm going to miss this, Raju... the clarity of purpose that I feel in the cockpit of a BattleMech. The simplicity of it. But there they are, just up ahead - the city gates, and my future, all laid out before me."
    • Kamea: "...Wait. What's that smoke?"
    • Mastiff: "A guard post - one of the small ones that dot the roads leading into the capital. But the emergency band's been quiet all morning... I haven't heard anything about any fire."
    • "Attention, citizens of Coromodir VI! This is Lord Santiago Espinosa. With the unanimous support of the Founding Houses, I have assumed control of the Aurigan Coalition. For your own protection, I urge you to remain calm and stay indoors until otherwise instructed. All hostile units: stand down, and you have my oath that you will not be harmed. Resist and you will be fired upon."
    • Kamea: "Some sort of explosion - looks recent, too. Do you think it was an accident?"
    • Mastiff: "No chance. You see those scorch marks on the rubble? That's laser fire. We need to get you out of here, Kamea-right now."
    • Kamea: "Yes - I think you're right. There's a patrol of Royal Guard 'Mechs up ahead-we should go to them."
    Detecting Royal Guard
    • Mastiff: "...Strange. Those are Royal Guard 'Mechs up ahead. What are they doing this far away from the tourney?"
    • Kamea: "Whatever the reason, I'm glad to see them."
    • Guardsman: "Hail, Mastiff! Hail, Lady Arano! We were preparing for Lady Arano's coronation parade when we got word of a disturbance along the Cormorant Road."
    • Kamea: "A guard post behind us was attacked - Sir Raju found evidence of laser fire. Is the road behind you clear?"
    • Guardsman: "Aye, all the way to the southern gate. Lead the way, Sir Raju - we'll fall in behind you and guard your six."
    • Mastiff: "...Tell me something, guardsman. If the road is clear, why is your BattleMech damaged?"
    • Guardsman: "Our 'Mechs are overdue for maintenance. But that isn't important right now - we need to worry about Lady Arano's safety. Now, my lady, if you'll come with us...",
    • Kamea: "No - you're lying to us. It's my coronation day - no MechTech would've sent you out for parade duty in that condition. I am your sovereign, sir - you will tell me what happened here!"
    • Guardsman: "Damn it, girl - we don't have time for this. TAKE THEM! Kill the old man and the MechWarrior, but take Lady Arano alive!"
    Madeira conversation
    • Madeira: "[static] Kamea? [static] ...Kamea, can you hear me?"
    • Kamea: "Alexander, we were just attacked! The Royal Guard - my own guardsmen - tried to take me prisoner!"
    • Madeira: "It's happening here, too... the Royal Guard are killing one another in the halls! Lord Karosas's House Guard just got gunned down in front of me - the Tourney Pavilion is a slaughterhouse!"
    • Kamea: "I won't let these seditionists - or whoever they are - steal my birthright. We need to rally every loyalist we can find and make a push on the capital. I'll take the throne by force if I must!"
    • Madeira: "Go to Rotorua Township, to the armory. Your soldiers are using it as a rallying point - I heard Lord Decimis send his House Guard there a few minutes ago. Someone's here... I have to move. Rally what forces you can and meet me at the tourney grounds. Be safe."
    • Kamea: "You heard him, Mastiff - Rotorua Township. We\u2019ll go there, rally our fighters, and march on the southern gate with an army at our back."
    • Mastiff: "Kamea... I know that you and Lord Madeira are friends, but we can't take what he told you on faith. Right now, we don't know who we can trust."
    • Kamea: "In this case, we do. Alexander has been my closest friend and confidant for as long as I can remember. His loyalty is beyond question; I trust him with my life... and yours. Now take me to the armory."
    • Mastiff: "As you command, my lady."
    Second Madeira call
    • Madeira: "[static] Kamea... [static] Kamea, do you read me?! It's Espinosa - your uncle! Do you hear me? [static] House Espinosa is usurping the throne!"
    • Kamea: "It can't be. My uncle... Victoria..."
    • Maderia: "Kamea, I just watched an Espinosa BattleMech plow through an alley full of civilians. This is happening, and it's happening now! Your loyalists have fallen back to the Market District - that's where they're making their stand. What's left of the Royal Guard are doing their best, but there's something wrong with their BattleMechs - Wait, what's that sound? OH, GODS!"
    Third Madeira call
    • Maderia: "[static] Kamea... do you read me?"
    • Kamea: "Alexander! Thank the gods! I thought I'd lost you when the bombs fell..."
    • Madeira: "You very nearly did. Kamea, the city is lost. We have to get off of this planet, and we need to do it now."
    • Kamea: "I can't abandon Coromodir - this is my home, my birthright... "
    • Mastiff: "The battle's over, Kamea. Lord Madeira has the right of it - it's time for you to run. Escape from this madness, and live to restore the Coalition another day."
    • Kamea: "You're... you're both right. My uncle has won. The Reach is his.\r"
    • Madeira: "We'll mourn for it later - the both of us. For now, you need to move! I have a DropShip waiting at Shepherd's Pass, I'm on my way there right now. Hurry and meet me there - please."
    Fourth Madeira call
    • Madeira: "Thank the gods you made it, Kamea! Captain Halvorsen's prepping the engines now - in another five minutes we'll be ready to depart."
    • Mastiff: : "Five minutes is a long time. {COMMANDER.Callsign}, you see Lady Arano to the docking ramp. When she's aboard, come back to me - we'll hold this pass against whatever comes."
    First Victoria call
    • Victoria: "It's over, Kamea. Your ascendency... the Arano legacy... all of it."
    • Kamea: "Victoria... what have you done?!"
    • Victoria: "...You know, Kamea... for years, I loved you like a sister. But then my father helped me see it. Your family's complacency. What it's done to the Reach. Our nation dwindles like a dying star, and House Arano is to blame. My father offered you a path to glory. I'd have fought under your banner proudly... served as your strong right hand. It was like a knife in my heart when you turned him away."
    • Mastiff: "Damn it, Victoria, I taught you better than this!"
    • Victoria: "You taught me lies! Kamea, for the love that I once bore you, I'm going to give you a chance to surrender. I'll even spare the old man and his MechWarrior if you stand down now. I don't want to see you hurt, but you cannot be allowed to rule."
    • Kamea: "I'll see you hanged for this, Victoria. You and your father both! Do you hear me?! You are traitors to the Reach, and I will fight you to the last!"
    • Victoria: "Then you truly are a fool. I'll spare you in spite of yourself... but you've cost your royal escort their lives."
    • Victoria: "Attention, all Espinosa forces: this is Lady Victoria Espinosa. Lady Arano is to be apprehended and taken alive, by my command. Fail to follow these instructions and you will have me to deal with."
    Second Victoria call
    • Victoria: "This is your last chance, cousin. Don't make me order your death."
    • Kamea: "Do whatever you must, betrayer."
    • Victoria: "A headstrong fool to the end. Damn you for this. [sigh] Captain Haust, destroy them. Mastiff, my cousin... all of them. Leave no survivors."
    Third Victoria call
    • "All units: advance! I want you to take down that DropShip - destroy everyone and everything that stands in your way!"
    • Mastiff: "All right, {COMMANDER.Callsign}. I trained you for this. We'll fight side by side, watch each other's backs. Above all else, we will keep Lady Arano safe. Protect the DropShip - it's all that matters."
    Blackjack shutdown
    • Victoria: "Trouble with your Blackjack, {COMMANDER.Callsign}? Shame. That's been happening to a lot of Royal Guard BattleMechs lately."
    • Mastiff: "You have numbers on us, and you've resorted to sabotage... and you're gloating about it? You've got no honor, you vicious little brat - not you nor your backstabbing father."
    • Victoria: "Shut your mouth, old man. My father is a great man, and I swear to all the gods, you will suffer if you insult him again."
    • Mastiff: "Your father is a coward, and so are you. {COMMANDER.Callsign}, I want you to eject - now. Punch out. You're no good to anybody in a broken 'Mech, and I won't let you die today.",
    • Mastiff: "Eject, MechWarrior. NOW. That's an order!"
    • Mastiff: "Now come for me, Victoria... your teacher is waiting. Come and show me what you've learned."

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