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The Clint

The Clint-2-3T

The Clint is a 40-ton medium mech made by Andoran Industries Ltd and is used by the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces. It carries an AC/5 (Armstrong "Buster" class), two Medium lasers, and 4.5 tons of armor. The Clint is limited on ammunition for prolonged combat but makes up for this deficiency with its Sloane Lockover targeting system. It has a deficient Gyro, and can be a technician's nightmare, as it takes much longer to repair then other 'Mechs. The Clint is used mainly by the Saint Ive's Armored Cavalry. It was used in the battles on Teng and when several of them were destroyed, the technology fell into the hands of the Free Worlds League. The Pesht Regulars of House Marik used it only sparingly, because the technicians have trouble finding repair parts for the easily damageable 'Mech. The 'Mech is equipped with a 180 m. jump capability and has a top speed of 97.2 kilometers per hour (kph), and a cruising speed of 64.8 kph.

Weapons and Ammo[ | ]

1 Armstrong "Buster" AC/5

2 Martell Medium Lasers

1 ton ammunition (AC/5)

Varients:[ | ]

  • CLNT-1-2R
  • CLNT-2-3U
  • CLNT-2-3UL
  • CLNT-2-4T
  • CLNT-5U
  • CLNT-3-3T