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The campaign of Battletech features many characters that play a pivotal role in the story. The crew that forms the backbone of your mercenary company is covered separately.

Arano Restoration[]

  • High Lady Kamea Arano: The leader of the Restoration and the rightful heir to the throne of the Aurigan Reach.
  • Lord Alexander Madeira: Lady Arano's confidante and political advisor.
  • Doctor Farah Murad: A gifted mechanic and engineer, responsible for restoring the Argo.
  • Sir Raju "Mastiff" Montgomery: A veteran MechWarrior and mentor to both Lady Kamea and Lady Victoria.

Aurigan Directorate[]


Aurigan Reach nobility[]

House Karosas

Magistracy of Canopus[]

  • Lady Ana Maria Centrella: Head of the Magistracy, currently using the Restoration to reduce tensions across the reach by destroying the belligerent Directorate.

Taurian Concordat[]

  • Commander Samuel Ostergaard: Head of a battalion dispatched to capture or kill Lady Arano.