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Centurion CN9-AL
ChrPrfMech centurionBase-001 portrait.png
General data
Tonnage50 t (18.5 t base)
Cost4,100,000 C
C. Torso
  • 2 x Energy
  • 2 x Support Weapon
L. Torso
  • 2 x Missile
UixTxrIcon centurion.png
R. Arm
  • 2 x Energy
  • 1 x Support Weapon
Melee70 (+65 instability)
Death from Above50 (+65 instability)
55 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon centurion.png
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed65 km/h
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -25%
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: Base

Centurion CN9-AL is a Medium-class 'Mech in Battletech.


The Centurion AL refit aims to reduce the original CN9-L's dependency on ammo supplies. This model scraps the AC/10, replacing it with a Large Laser and a Small Laser. In addition, it gains six heat sinks and two additional tons of armor.


  • While the AC variant is overall superior, if you get stuck with this guy, make sure you use a PPC and not a Large Laser, and back it up with at least one SRM-6 if not a pair of SRM-4's. Also, ditch the Small Laser. It's not doing you any favors. Still a viable 'mech for the early game, the PPC packs a punch at a decent range, and applies an accuracy penalty to the target, plus some stability damage, which makes it easily worth the extra two tons.
  • This variant can also be used as a slower, beefier alternative to the 55-tonners as a Medium Laser + SRM Brawler. Compared to 'mechs like the Wolverine 6K and the Griffin 1S, the Centurion AL trades footspeed for weight capacity, allowing more weaponry, ammo, heatsinks, or armor than an equivalent build on those 'mechs.
  • Alternatively put in one LRM 20 with enough ammunition (2-3) and add all 3 slot of support weapons, best small lasers. With full jump jets no heatsinks and possibly actuators for more melee dmg you can hide and pelt the enemy with rockets until it is close and then tear them apart in melee. Be sure to have quite some armor!


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  • The AL variant of the Centurion tends to trade the larger burst damage of an Autocannon for more Energy weaponry and heavier armor. ALs can take an incredible amount of damage for their size but still pack a good punch.