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Career ranks and scoring is a vital part of any open-ended career. These are a measure of scoring your mercenary company's performance. These require you to accumulate a certain amount of points. Notably, the thresholds for ranks are fixed, regardless of the difficulty modifier. The modifier only affects the points you accumulate and can range from x0.05 to x1.00 depending on the settings chosen.

Scoring[ | ]

Score is computed at the end of the career and then multiplied by the difficulty modifer, which can go from x0.05 to x1.00. This modifier is set at the beginning of the campaign and, although it can be changed at any point during the campaign, its value at the end is equal to the lowest value set throughout the campaign, so there's no benefit to starting hard and then lowering it, or to starting easy and increasing it.

The settings can be manipulated as the career progresses, which allows for fine-tuning the experience (or gaming the system to gain extra points), which means that you can keep the difficulty modifier at the same level by changing individual values. For example, jacking up both Salvage and Payments from Generous to Stingy adds 0.3 to the multiplier, meaning you could reduce Enemy Force Strength from Hard to Easy (-0.1), reduce Advanced Mechwarriors from Rare to Often (-0.1) and disable Mech Destruction (-0.1).

Although the theoretical max modifier is x1.65, the game taps out at x1.00, so any changes made when you're already at x1.00 or above make no difference to the final score unless you drop below x1.00 (or the previous lowest value). The minimum possible difficulty modifier is x0.05, which ensures that you can't put yourself in a position where you have 0 points at the end!

Note that some things can't be changed during the campaign, such as Parts Per Mech, Unequipped Mechs, Ironman Mode and No Rare Salvage.

Difficulty modifiers[ | ]

0.05 minimum to 1.00 maximum
Setting Description Modifier change
Ironman Mode Only autosaves are available. Restarting the game can be used to savescum. +0.2
Randomized Starting Mechs Self-explanatory. 0
Parts Per Mech The higher, the more difficult the game. Completing eight mechs at the eight part setting is worth an achievement. 0 (3 parts)
+0.05 (4 parts)
+0.1 (5 parts)
+0.15 (6 parts)
+0.2 (7 parts)
+0.25 (8 parts)
Salvage Affects amount of salvage available. 0 (generous)
+0.1 (normal)
+0.15 (stingy)
Payments Affects contract payments. 0 (generous)
+0.1 (normal)
+0.15 (stingy)
Unequipped Mechs Mechs constructed from salvage do not have starting equipment. +0.2
Enemy Force Strength How difficult the enemy lances are. Affects composition and weight class. 0 (Easy)
+0.05 (Normal)
+0.1 (Hard)
Mech Destruction The whole chassis will be destroyed if center torso is taken out (only your mechs) +0.1
Lethality Pilots are much more squishy and will die when mechs are taken out. +0.1
No Rare Salvage Higher quality equipment is only available from shops. +0.1
Mechwarrior Progression Affects XP accumulation rate (and score, by extension) +0.05 (Normal)
+0.1 (Slow)
+0.2 (Very Slow)
Advanced Mechwarriors Affects chance for highly experienced Mechwarriors to spawn in hiring halls. 0 (Often)
+0.05 (Normal)
+0.1 (Rare)

Score categories[ | ]

The categories are formatted in bold (point requirements) with the score cap in parentheses.

C-bills[ | ]

1 point per 10 000 C-bills that enter your account (80 000)

This only counts money you earn, not spend, so whereas selling stuff gains points, buying never reduces them.

To max out the score, you need to earn 800 million C-bills in 1200 days. Generous payouts help.

Contracts[ | ]

Every MRB skull is worth 100 points (70 000)

Self-explanatory. Maxes out at 700 skulls.

Chassis[ | ]

Every completed mech chassis is worth 1273 points (70 015)

Self-explanatory. Counts every completed chassis, including DLC ones.

Mech weight class completion[ | ]

Completed mech collection in a weight class grants 10 000 points (40 000)

Light Medium Heavy Assault

Chassis unlisted do not count towards completion.

Mech chassis completion[ | ]

Completing all four weight classes grants 25 000 points (25 000)


Mechwarrior experience[ | ]

Every 50 experience points on all mechwarriors except for the commander nets 1 point (55 000)

Self-explanatory. Early use of training pods with a full complement of mechwarriors grants an easy influx of points. Commander experience does not count towards this part of the score.

Systems visited[ | ]

Every system visited nets 500 points (85 000)

Self-explanatory. Note that this only counts jump points, you don't need to travel to and from planets. It's possible to do 170 systems in 510 days.

System completion[ | ]

Visiting all 170 systems nets 25 000 points (25 000)


Reputation[ | ]

Every point of reputation nets 100 points (40 000)

Positive or negative. Does not include reputation with the Arano Restoration.

Reputation completion[ | ]

Hitting max reputation with all eight faction nets 10 000 points (10 000)


Argo upgrades[ | ]

Every upgrade grants 2 000 points (70 000)


Argo Completion[ | ]

Completing Argo upgrades grants 25 000 points (25 000)


Morale[ | ]

Every point of positive morale grants 500 points (25 000)


MRB Reputation[ | ]

Every point of reputation with the MRB is worth 45 points (45 000)

Self-explanatory. Completing the Dobrev Flashpoint pretty much maxes out the reputation.

MRB Reputation Completion[ | ]

Reaching 900 reputation grants 25 000 points (25 000)


Score ranks[ | ]

Insignia Title Description Minimum score Notes
Green 80000
Regular 160000
Veteran 320000
Elite 480000
Legendary 640000 Awards a Steam achievement
Kerensky 760000 Named after the legendary Aleksandr Kerensky