Capellan Confederation

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Capellan Confederation
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AlliesKurita Comstar
FoesAurigan Pirates




Taurian Concordat

Capellan Confederation (Liao) is a faction in Battletech.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Capellan Confederation is one of the five Successor States of the Star League, located rimward of Terra. Ruled by House Liao, the Confederation is the smallest and newest of the Successor States and often the loser in conflicts against the other powers of the Inner Sphere. It is an authoritarian police state, with philosophical origins in a text known as the Korvin Doctrine, which argues for total subservience of the individual to the state. Citizens of the Confederation must earn their position and the benefits of citizenship through service to their community. The current ruler of the Confederation is Chancellor Maximilian Liao, a shrewd planner and master manipulator.

Interactions[edit | edit source]