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Astraeus Veisi
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  • Military
  • MechWarrior
  • Steadier 'Mech
  • Improved Indirect Fire
  • Astraeus "Bronzite" Veisi is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    Coming from a sleepy agricultural world of no strategic value in the Free Worlds League, Astraeus Veisi was the first member of his family for 75 years to express any interest in getting off-planet. Astraeus decided young, staring up at the sky, that he was going to the stars. It wasn't so much that life was hard on the farm, but that nothing he did there would ever really matter.

    When he was old enough, he enrolled in a local tech school, specializing in military equipment, because maintaining tractors and maintaining tanks wasn't that different. 'Mechs were more challenging, but the principles were the same, and repairing 'Mechs was his ticket off the farm.

    He signed on with a small mercenary company as a tech, but took advantage of the informal setting and his personal relationship with the commander to get some cockpit time. When one too many of the regular pilots was benched, he had his opportunity to show what he could do as a pilot.

    Once the status quo returned, he knew he couldn't return to being just a MechTech. He said a fond farewell to the company that had lifted him to the stars and set out on a career as a freelance agent. He drifted from temporary company to temporary company, looking for someplace where he'd fit as well as he did in his first company—and still be able to pilot a 'Mech of his own.

    Strategy[ | ]

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