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Commander. My name is Justin Allard. You don't know me, but I've heard a great deal about you. There is a small matter that I could use your assistance with, if you're so inclined. Meet me at your earliest convenience and we'll talk.

Introduction[ | ]

Justin Allard informs you that he needs you to take care of a particularly troublesome mercenary commander, the self-styled "Lord Commander" Mason Garrilac, and his band of marauders as part of a plan to smooth over relations between the people of the planet Kittery and their current Federation government. To start, Allard requires the player's company to attack an old military bunker repurposed into a dive bar called the Stratford Narwhal. Since Garrilac spends his days drinking in that wretched hive of scum and villainy, taking care of the bar should take care of him.

Bourbon & Battlemechs I - First Mission[ | ]

Destroy Base mission - Desert biome - 3 Skull Rating - No tonnage restrictions

Mission Description:[ | ]

The Stratford Narwhal is one of Garrilac's favorite watering holes. It's also a cesspool of vice, corruption, and terrible music. Taking it out may prove more difficult than you think; the bar was built in the husk of an old military complex, and its MechWarrior patrons will probably attack you on sight.

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy the Stratford Narwhal - 4 of 7 buildings. There is a wall surrounding 4 of the 7 buildings so line-of-sight will need to be established.
  • Get to the evac zone - to the NE of the target area

Secondary Objectives:[ | ]

Hidden Objectives:[ | ]

  • Destroy base turrets - Defense includes 1 x Heavy Shredder, 1 x Heavy Laser Turret around the main wall, and 1 x Heavy LRM, 1 x Heavy Laser turret near the building complex on the SE side of the target

The first group of enemies will be between you and the target area. The second group will appear on the opposite side of the target and take a couple of rounds to approach. The enemy mechs start with reduced armor at standard difficulty.

Bourbon & Battlemechs II - Flashpoint Decision[ | ]

Garrilac contacts you after you complete the first mission and claims that Allard owes him 250,000 c-bills, which is why he's been causing problems. You have the option to pay him the money instead of fighting.

Flashpoint Decision:[ | ]

Flashpoint Decision: Pay Garrilac what he thinks Allard owes him - paying Garrilac will result in the standard Flashpoint reward screen and salvage chance.

If you chose to fight Garrilac he tells you he will only engage if you fight him with an equivalent tonnage of mechs (230 tons). You can also state that you'll fight the "old fashioned" way with your own mechs, in which case he says he'll just leave.

Flashpoint Decision: Agree to fight Mason's Marauders

You are ultimately presented with two flashpoint options if you work through the dialog options

Flashpoint Decision: Agree to fight Mason's Marauders

Flashpoint Decision: Pay Garrilac what he thinks Allard owes him -

Bourbon and Battlemechs II - Second Mission[ | ]

Battle Desert 3 Skull Rating 230 ton max tonnage for lance

Primary Objectives:[ | ]

The enemy mechs are custom and have a variety of upgraded items: (Griffin has LRM5++, LL+, Arm Mod+), (Centurion is named Rhythm Nation and has AC10++, LRM10+), (Dragon is named Awesome Dragon and has PPC++, 2 x S Laser+, Heat Exchanger), (Catapult is named Occam's Missile and has 2 x LRM15+, TTS). There is a small urban island area surrounded by water that will be the battleground if you move directly toward them. There is a high cliff opposite (North) that will break them up as they don't all have JJ, but you'll have to either jump onto or run up either side if you don't have JJ yourself and want to close in. You can stand in the water and use it to cool down at the risk of being chewed up without cover, especially from the Catapult's LRMs.

Rewards[ | ]

No mech parts will be available from the custom mechs in the second mission. But there will be a variety of upgraded items available as salvage.

Rare component and standard random salvage from the Flashpoint reward

900,000 C-Bills