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Big Sly
Duncan Bronski
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  • Duncan "BigSly" Bronski is a Ronin Vanguard mechwarrior in Battletech.

    Bio[ | ]

    Duncan Bronski claims he was born an old man. The son of working class parents in the Duchy of Oriente while it was still part of the Free Worlds League, he grew up knowing the value of hard, skilled work. He earned excellent marks in his primary schooling, and his references all commented on his maturity and responsibility. Despite this, he was refused entrance to the Princefield Military Academy. His family, his planet, his entire Duchy lacked the status to compel Princefield to accept him. Hard work was valuable, but not to the elite.

    In retaliation, he anonymously drew caricatures of many of the figures associated with the school that had rejected him, and the local net went wild over them. When offended nobles started sending investigators to find out who had mocked them, Duncan quickly enlisted, reasoning correctly that it was the best place to hide in plain sight.

    In basic training, nobody cared about his cartoons as long as he did as ordered. They cared even less when he volunteered for anti-'Mech and insurgency training. Once again, he was in a place where hard work mattered, and soon he was assigned to SAFE, the Free Worlds League intelligence arm. They found his artistic skills and the keen perception that went with them quite useful. He did not, of course, make a name for himself, because his work was never signed, but even after he was injured and transferred back home again, some of his cartoons were used as an unofficial currency among the members of the Analysis Branch.

    He remained on his home planet until it was attacked and annexed by the Capellan Confederation. After escaping the invasion with his family and seeing them resettled elsewhere in the Duchy, he made his way to Galatea to earn a living as a mercenary. He still draws his cartoons, still never signs them, but the junior pilots and crew who receive one after a blunder know exactly who they come from and, if they're smart, they treasure them.

    Strategy[ | ]

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