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General data
TypeStoryline mission
Related quests
Three Years Later
leads to:
Capture the Argo

Benefactor is a storyline mission in Battletech, unlocked after completing two contracts.

Synopsis[ | ]

The odd thing about mercenary work... Well, everything is odd. But there are things that are particularly odd, like someone asking for you by name, using a priority transmission, and going behind ComStar's back.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Travel to Bellerophon to meet your mysterious benefactor... Who turns out to be Magestrix Kyalla Centrella, head of the Magistracy of Canopus. She offers you an unsanctioned recovery contract, going behind the MRB's and ComStar's back both, while offering to pay off your debts to the loan sharks. Your entire crew pretty much jumps on the opportunity, as this is the best you can get in a long, long while.
  • After accepting the offer, the next priority mission will activate: Capturing the Argo!