Battletech Wiki

I would like to discuss the possibility of migrating the Gamepedia BATTLETECH Wiki to Paradox Wikis.

I would like for us to enter into a discussion here on the Pros and Cons of this potential migration.

Here is a prime consideration I would like to offer by way of kicking off the discussion.

Perhaps most I importantly, I believe we all want to see the BATTLETECH Wiki help the most gamers possible, especially gamers new to BATTLETECH. Our community can best thrive if we can attract and retain new and returning BATTLETECH gamers to our community. I believe the natural synergies and cross-pollination potential of a Paradox hosted BATTLETECH Forum (Paradox picked up forum hosting responsibility from HBS more than a year ago) and Wiki is best for the community and will promote future use and contributions to both the Forum and Wiki.

Any and all questions, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. :bow:

And as ever, good luck and good gaming! : )