Banshee BNC-3S

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Banshee BNC-3S
ChrPrfMech atlasBase-001 portrait.png
General data
Stock RoleHeavy Brawler & Sniper
Tonnage95 t (57.5 t base)
Cost9,100,000 C
Template:Hardpoints Banshee BNC-3S
Melee120 (+145 instability)
Death from Above120 (+145 instability)
60 damage to self
Template:Armor Banshee BNC-3S
Mobility and detection
Speed3 Jump Jets (90 km/h)
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: Base
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: -50%

Banshee BNC-3S is a Assault-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[edit | edit source]

The BNC-3S sacrifices its trademark speed for a large expansion in firepower. The 3S fills the role of a well-armored sniper, sporting two PPCs and an AC/10 while still being capable of inflicting heavy melee damage

Loadouts[edit | edit source]

  • The default loadout includes, in addition to the items in the description, an SRM6, two small lasers, and four medium lasers. It also mounts a whopping 11 heatsinks.
  • This -3S variant drops the Banshee's speed to the same as the rest of the slow Assaults. With the weight freed up by the smaller engine, it now compares very closely to the Atlas, with very similar payload (63 free tons to the Atlas' 65) and the same speed. The biggest difference is the hardpoints and placement: this Banshee has 1 Ballistic, 6 Energy, 1 Missile, 2 Support; compared to the Atlas' 2/4/2/2 (and the Banshee-3S has only a single Support hardpoint in the Center Torso, freeing up room for an upgraded Gyro). With Energy weapons being lighter in general and its high free tonnage, this Banshee can reasonably fill all of these hardpoints to put out monstrous damage.
  • The 95 ton BNC-3S has 40.13 tons available if utilizing full armor.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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  • The Banshee 3S mounts an incredible amount of weaponry, but if everything is fired at once heat management is horrendous. On a planet with no impact on heatsinking and a pilot with max guts, firing its full complement (minus small lasers) is enough to nearly max its heat in one salvo.