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Banshee BNC-3E
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General data
Stock RoleHeavy Brawler & Sniper
Tonnage95 t (57.5 t base)
Cost8,600,000 C
  • 1 x Energy
  • 1 x Support Weapon
L. Torso
  • 1 x Ballistic
UixTxrIcon banshee
R. Torso
  • 1 x Energy
  • 3 x Support Weapon
Melee130 (+145 instability)
Death from Above120 (+145 instability)
60 damage to self
C. Torso
L. Torso
UixTxrIcon banshee
R. Torso
L. Arm
R. Arm
Mobility and detection
Speed4 Jump Jets (120 km/h)
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: Base
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: -50%

Banshee BNC-3E is a Assault-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

The Banshee 3E was originally designed as a close combat 'Mech, paradoxically armed with a PPC and AC/5. While it has heavy armor, it is a mediocre brawler that is easily flanked and destroyed by any force that can prevent the Banshee from closing.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • The Banshee-3E is ultimately little more than a joke mech. In trying to make a 'mech this size this fast, the large, powerful reactor takes up a disproportionally large amount of the available weight, leaving a very low warload of weapons and other equipment for a 95-ton 'mech. There is no 'typical' configuration possible with its simply pathetic warload and poor weapon hardpoints.
    • A victim of the tech slide following the collapse of the Star League, it relied too heavily on the EndoSteel construction and XL (eXtraLight) Engine that have been largely lost in the modern day.
  • Its only viable use is as a 'One Punch Mech' by equipping it with an Arm Actuator and some Support weapons, effectively being a 95-ton version of the Firestarter. It has the huge armor potential and melee damage befitting a 95-ton Assault; enough to breach CT armor on even an Atlas in a single punch. If this is your first Assault, it can be an incredibly durable 'meat shield' against anything smaller by maximizing its armor and rushing into close combat--joke mech or not, nobody wants to take a punch from 95 tons of fist. Kind of a gimmick build, but highly effective in this unique niche if the right situation presents itself.
  • The 95 ton BNC-3E has 14.81 tons available if utilizing full armor.

Strategy[ | ]

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  • The Banshee 3E was originally designed for close combat, with better speed than most other assault 'Mechs. While it has heavy armor and powerful Melee attack capability, its firepower is severely lacking and it can still be flanked by lighter units
  • Only possible role is to charge into melee with decent speed, extreme armor, melee damage boosters, support weapons for extra dmg, and to punch the opposition to death. A few hits can cripple the strongest mechs, and a single rear hit can devastate anything. Useless for ranged combat due to hardpoints and tiny available tonnage capacity.