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The Aurigan Reach is a specific group of about two dozen systems in the Rimward Periphery bordering the Taurian Concordat and the Capellan Confederation. The Reach is home to the Aurigan Coalition ruled by House Arano. Beyond the Reach are a large number of independent systems colloquially referred to as the Frontier.

Aurigan Coalition[ | ]

The Aurigan Coalition is an interstellar state in the Aurigan Reach area of the Rimward Periphery bordering both Capellan and Taurian space. Growing out of a trade partnership in the mid-29th century, the Aurigan Coalition was formally established in 2910 by High Lady Keona Arano. In the past hundred years, the Coalition has grown from four systems to a total of 23.

The Aurigan Coalition was created from the worlds of the Rimward Trade Partnership. The most powerful families of those worlds became the Founding Houses of the new Coalition. At the time of the Coalition's inception, the Founding Houses included House Arano of Coromodir VI, House Madeira of Guldra, House Parata of Tyrlon, House Gallas of Itrom, House Karosas of Smithon, House Decimis of Panzyr, and House Espinosa of Coromodir V.

Although once prosperous, the Reach has slid into decline as the Inner Sphere and the Periphery suffered the continued fallout of the Succession Wars. The death of Lord Tamati Arano II triggers a coup d'etat by Lord Santiago Espinosa, his brother-in-law, who believes that only the transformation of the Coalition into a Directorate and replacing the slow-moving Council of Founding Houses with a centralized structure ruled by a single, powerful leader. Lady Kamea Arano, who refused to entertain his reforms, is forced into exile, hounded by her uncle's assassins...

Noble houses[ | ]

  • House Arano: 'FORESIGHT AND VISION.' The hereditary rulers of the Aurigan Coalition, currently led by Lady Kamea Arano. The Arano house sigil is a great cormorant on a field of red. The ancestral seat of House Arano is Coromodir VI. From the early days of the Rimward Trade Partnership and the founding of the Aurigan Coalition in 2910 through to the current day, House Arano has led the systems of the Aurigan Reach.
  • House Decimis: "ABOVE THE MOUNTAINS." Currently ruled by Lord Pierre-Louis Decimis. The Decimis house sigil is an orange sun hanging low over a snow-capped mountain. The ancestral seat of House Decimis is Panzyr.
  • House Espinosa: "FOREVER VIGILANT." Currently ruled by Director Santiago Espinosa. The Espinosa house sigil is an ibex on a field of thorns. The ancestral seat of House Espinosa is Coromodir V. House Espinosa staged a military coup on Lady Kamea Arano's coronation day, toppling the old Aurigan Coalition and replacing it with a new authoritarian government: the Aurigan Directorate.
  • House Gallas: "WITH BILLOWING SAILS." Currently ruled by Lady Samantha Gallas. The Gallas house sigil is a sailing ship with billowing sails cutting across a green sea. The ancestral seat of House Gallas is Itrom.
  • House Karosas: "WEALTHY IN KNOWLEDGE." Currently ruled by Lord Simon Karosas. The Karosas house sigil is a black raven on a field of white. The ancestral seat of House Karosas is Smithon.
  • House Madeira: "BEHOLD OUR SPLENDOR." Currently ruled by Lady Branca Madeira. The Madeira house sigil is a leaping dolphinfish on a pale blue sea. The ancestral seat of House Madeira is Guldra.
  • House Parata: "THE LAND REMAINS." Currently ruled by Lord Henare Parata. The Parata house sigil is a green fern frond curling against a field of brown. The ancestral seat of House Parata is Tyrlon.