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Description[ | ]

The ASN-21 lives up to its name, at least against lighter units. It has astounding jump capability in addition to its ground speed and a flexible weapons package. It has poor armor for its tonnage, however, so it's best at hit and run attacks.

Loadouts[ | ]

  • The default Assassin loadout is very flexible, and terrible. The mech has one medium laser, one SRM 2 and a LRM 5.
  • The 40 ton ASN-21 only has 3.44 tons available at full armor meaning any significant amount of weaponry will have to be added in reduction to its armor. The ASN-21 has an Intercept System mounted on its left torso that allows the mech to ignore three evasion from an opponent.

Strategy[ | ]

The ASN-21 is a fragile and mobile mech. It is best to keep moving and target enemies with high evasion to make use of it's Intercept System.