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Archer ARC-2R
General data
Stock RoleMissile Boat
Tonnage70 t (29 t base)
Cost? C
Template:Hardpoints Archer ARC-2R
Melee100 (+70 instability)
Death from Above180 (+? instability)
? damage to self
Template:Armor Archer ARC-2R
Mobility and detection
Speed120 m
StealthVisibility: 1
Signature: -10%
SensorsSpotting distance: Base
Sensor range: -25%

Archer ARC-2R is a Heavy-class 'Mech in Battletech.

Description[ | ]

The Archer ARC-2R is a fire support 'Mech that is intended to rarely see the front lines, but with enough firepower to punish anyone who tries to sneak up on it.

Unique Chassis Quirk - Missilery Suite (Right Torso, 1 Slot): Long-Range Missiles used by the Archer will cluster to hit the same section of the target rather than scattering. Short-Range Missiles deal 75% more Stability damage.

Loadouts[ | ]

Missile Boat: Make full use of your missile slots by mounting 2 x LRM20's, and load with 4-5 tons of ammunition. The remaining tonnage can be a combination of Jump Jets, Medium Lasers, Heat-sinks, armor, or ammunition. Don't forget that the Archer has a strong melee attack if pressed into close combat.

Awesome II: The 2R variant has 4 Energy hard-points, which allows it to be utilized as an Energy-based Sniper. 4 x Large Laser, or 3 x PPC + 2 x LRM 5 + 1 ton of ammo, with the remaining tonnage going into armour. You will have a direct-fire beast doing 190 damage + 80 stability. Exchanging one of the energy weapons for a set of heat sinks gives a reasonable heat endurance.

SRM/Melee Brawler: Turning the Archer's usual role on its head, the 2R's hardpoints allow for 2 SRM6's with one or two ammo bins and Medium Lasers in the Energy hardpoints as desired (Large Lasers could be used instead to grant some mid- to long-range capability). The weight savings from switching to short-range weapons free up ample tonnage for armor, heatsinks, and jumpjets. The 2R also has Support hardpoints on each arm for Small Lasers or Machine Guns to complement its surprisingly strong melee attack. Adding +Stability damage SRM's whenever possible will synergize beautifully with the Archer's SRM quirk. Replacing the lasers with Pulse variants will also help squeeze out more damage.

Strategy[ | ]

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  • The well-known Archer is the epitome of the "missile boat" concept. It is commonly found hurling deadly swarms of LRM's at targets from beyond the safety of a hill. It's not too shabby in closer-range fights, either. Its only real weakness is its terrible heat management.