Annihilator ANH-1A

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Description[edit | edit source]

The 100 ton ANH-1A has anywhere between 52.75 - 76.5 tons available for use depending on how much armor you add on to it. This makes it the #2 mech in available tonnage for use, beating out the Highlander 732-B which only has 43.88 - 65 tons available depending on armor.

  • For reference the Atlas and King Crab, two 100 ton mechs, only have 41.25 - 65 tons available depending on armor.

Adding to the godliness of the Annihilator is its unique BSC System mounted on its center torso, which adds +20% Ballistic Dmg and +40 max stability.


  • 5 ballistic
  • 5 energy
  • 2 support
  • 2 jump jets


  • RA 1B 1S
  • RT 1B 1S
  • CT BSC System
  • LT 2B 1S
  • LA 1B 1S

The max movement is 95m, sprint 165m and jump 95m. Its melee damage is 125, stb dmg 100 and DFA dmg 250. Structure 761, armor 1900 and DFA self dmg 125.

You can buy this mech at the black market on Itrom, or put it together from pieces (though it is very rare to see).

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Default loadout 340 damage: 4 AC/10, 4 AC/10 ammo, 4 M Lasers and 8 heatsinks. Heat efficiency: alpha strike 96 heat, heat sinking 54 heat.

Extreme range sniper: 2 x Gauss Rifles, 4 x Gauss ammo, 3 x LB 2-X, 2 x LB 2-X ammo, TTS +3 ballistic accurracy, TTS +2 ballistic accuracy. Optional: for additional damage and the need to close in range, equip 2 x ER M Lasers.

Long range assault: 2 x UAC/10, 6 x AC/10 ammo, 3 x LB 2-X, 2 x LB 2-X ammo, 5 x heat sink [D], TTS +3 ballistic accurracy, TTS +2 ballistic accuracy.

Close range assault: 2 x UAC/20, 8 x UAC/20 ammo, 1 x LB 2-X, 1 x LB 2-X ammo, 2 ER S Laser, 8 x heat sink [D], 2 x exchanger++.

Extreme Ranged Assault: 8 AC/5 ammo in legs, 5 UAC/5++'s, 8 D heat sinks, TTS++ (ballistic, 1 ton), maximum armor, gyro (hit defense) coms system+++, 0.75 unusable tonnage. Firepower rating: 14 (+20% due to BSC). Heat Efficiency: 10. Durability: 11.