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Alexander Madeira
Alex madeira
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Lord Alexander Madeira is one of the greatest supporters of Kamea Arano's cause and a fierce enemy of the Directorate. He acts as the Restoration liaison onboard the Argo.

Background[ | ]

Lord Madeira lived a life of privilege and luxury ever since he was ushered into the world from his mother's loins. Commensurate with this great privilege were even greater expectations. Alexander spent his early years invested in academic pursuits: the study of history, mathematics, and statecraft, striving to excel at everything to avoid disappointing his parents. The irony of what was to come would not dawn upon him until the Coronation Day.

Until then, he lived a life of extravagance in keeping with his family's motto (Behold Our Splendor), dividing time between carousing and academic study. In truth, he feels like he was leading two lives and putting on a show in both. Still, he doesn't complain: He enjoyed advantages that most children of the Periphery could only dream of. However, it all came to an end on the day of Espinosa's coup. Unlike his parents, who threw their weight in behind the self-appointed Director, he supported Kamea from the beginning.

He witnessed people gunned down in the streets and narrowly avoided death at the hands of a terror airstrike aimed at the market district of the Coromodir capital. He fled with Kamea towards the fringes of Aurigan space, evading assassins until they reached the safety of the Magistracy of Canopus. Using their political talents, they agreed to act as the Magistracy's agents in defusing the powder keg that the Directorate created, through restoring House Arano to its position in Reach politics.

For Alexander, the three years were a time of planning and waiting. He is well aware that there will be a reckoning once Kamea retakes her throne and that Directorate collaborators will be tried for their crimes. His mother and father will be at the front of that list. And as terrible as it feels to say it, they'll deserve whatever punishment they receive