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Commander, I need your help \u2014 my house's honor is at stake. Please, let's meet and discuss the details.

Location: Mendham

Difficulty: 2.5 Skull

Faction: Draconis Combine

OpFor: Pirates

Restrictions: No Restrictions

Rewards: 900,000 or 1,800,000 cbills, rare items of +, ++ and +++ value, mech parts, and possibly a complete mech. (There is some chance to get a SLDF Highlander as reward)

Description[ | ]

Lady Mariko Nakano has reportedly fallen in with a bad crowd, according to her mother and head of House Nakano, Lady Suiko Nakano. Suiko Nakano has offered you a contract on the perceived bad influence, a local Pirate named Luthendorff.

First mission is a straight convoy ambush in badlands with no drop limit. OpFor is 4x vehicles and 4x light/medium mechs.

After that, you have a choice, side with the mother (A) or the daughter (B).

Choices[ | ]

Option A: If you side with the mother, you participate in a 8v4 Battle mission, along side the mother's lance. The OpFor is a mixed lance of medium to assault mechs (e.g. 1x Zeus, 1x Thunderbolt, 1x Griffin, 1x Hatchetman)

Option B: If you side with the daughter, you get a base defense in badlands against two light to heavy lances. Mom is in a Grasshopper, other mechs seem to be a mix of lights and mediums. The second lance comes in off the water to the right of your initial drop. You can gain Local Pirate Organization rep with this choice (Max +13). Optionally, you can choose to keep lady Suiko alive until the timer runs out. This won't change the reward, only the mission debriefing.